Tan France announces new outerwear brand WAS HIM

Best known for her transformational wardrobe and confident makeovers on the hit Netflix show strange eye, and guide young designers as a judge on Next in fashion, fashion guru Tan France returns to the design arena with the launch of his genderless outerwear brand WAS HIM.

Created in partnership with the brand incubator and the retail platform thmbl, France wanted to tackle one of the issues of outerwear in a practical and aesthetic way. During the cold winter months, and especially those really on very cold days, your entire outfit is reduced to one item: your coat. It has to be warm and functional of course, but why settle for less than satisfactory aesthetics? With WAS HIM, Tan France offers this solution to this age-old question with seven beautiful coats nod to its Pakistani and English heritage, while sprinkling references to its adopted homeland in Utah.

France tells CGV that the design inspiration for the silhouettes came from his life in Britain. “Being British, I have always loved structured tailoring, especially when it comes to outerwear.” But when it comes to the patterns of the coats, he took inspiration from his Pakistani heritage and was inspired by the traditional and handcrafted embroidery still produced throughout the country. He explains further to CGV on the impact of this craft in its collections: “Embroidery is a very important component of Was Him … my Pakistani / Indian people specialize in this beautiful craft, and I could not create a brand that represents me without infusing that part of my heritage. ”

Besides Tan France’s personal legacy, he wanted to give a nod to the life he and her husband have created on their Utah ranch. The illustrations embroidered on the coats represent this element of her life, in particular the embroidered horses (they were created by her artist husband), the shaded patch pockets (which, according to France, “represent the change from grass to hay in my in-laws ranch “), and a plaid whose color scheme is inspired by the colors of the ranch. By mixing silhouette, craftsmanship and Western motifs, France seamlessly links the three elements of its heritage and memories, while revealing a vision of the future.

The coats are beautiful and the embroidery impressive, but perhaps one of the collection’s most striking elements is its duality. The patterns straddle the lines between bespoke classics from Savile Row, American cowboys and ornamental embroidery from Pakistan. Tan France being himself a double citizen, this first collection inspired by duality, crossroads and memory strikes close to home. We can’t wait to don a WAS HIM coat and explore the unknown.

Below, the first collection of WAS LIM.

All of the collection’s outerwear ranges from $ 375 to $ 475 and is available exclusively at thmbl.com in November.

The Checker – Night / Grass

The Checker – Forest / Night Horse

Saint Helena – Night / Camel

The Checker – Black / Tan Horse

The Checker – Grass Plaid

The Checker – Night / Color Block

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