Barcelona offers free public transport to people who abandon their car

Barcelona have a certain pedigree when it comes to anti-car measures. it works No Car Days for a few years now, with the city’s noisy central streets reclaimed by cyclists and pedestrians – and public transport has also been given a boost.

And now the officials have taken it a step further. Residents who trade in vintage cars will receive a free public transport pass for three years. Which is a really good incentive to ditch that old rusty firecracker, if you ask us.

There is also a lot of choice in Barcelona. With a metro, tram, bus and funicular system, there is almost certainly a convenient stop near you. And even better, the T-verda ticket allows unlimited free travel. Unlimited. No plug at all.

Apparently, the program has already seen a reduction of over 12,000 vehicles on city streets. Plus, with an ever-expanding Low Emission Zone, there’s another good reason to get rid of your car as well.

While the T-verda pass is a world first, other places also offer incentives to ditch the cars. In some areas of France and Finland, you can trade in your vehicle for an electric bicycle. And in Luxembourg, public transport is free for everyone. Hope it hangs on.

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